[{ “place_id”: “208885159”, “licence”: “https://locationiq.com/attribution”, “osm_type”: “relation”, “osm_id”: “118362”, “boundingbox”: [“53.6989675”, “53.9458715”, “-1.8004214”, “-1.2903516”], “lat”: “53.7974185”, “lon”: “-1.5437941”, “display_name”: “Leeds, Yorkshire and the Humber, England, United Kingdom”, “class”: “place”, “type”: “city”, “importance”: 0.84215646769984, “icon”: “https://locationiq.org/static/images/mapicons/poi_place_city.p.20.png” }]

Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus (COVID 19) Update CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: We have updated our terms & conditions to allow the booking to be transferable to alternative date – FREE OF CHARGE, if your wedding is postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Subject to conditions. Due to events of the previous few months […]

Austin Princess Limousine

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