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Wedding Campervans & Beetles are becoming the popular choice for bride to be’s and grooms alike.  Not only are they iconic, they offer practicality too.  Most of the VW campers available through us in your local area will seat more than your average wedding car, some even as many as 7 of your bridal party.  Their smooth lines and often striking colours give the opportunity for a great backdrop to your wedding day photography. 

VW Beetles too, give a sense of uniqueness to your wedding theme, they are cute and chic, but surprising roomy inside.  The convertible models are particularly easy to get in and out of, as the driver could drop the roof to enable you to literally walk in to the car and sit.

VW Campers & Bugs will be dressed the appropriate decoration as you would expect.  Why not hire a matching pair – a beautiful Beetle for you and Camper for your bridal party – This would look amazing!

List of VW Wedding Cars in your local area

We have a wide variety of VW Wedding Campervans & Beetles near you in your local area including VW Bay Window Wedding Campervans, VW Split Screen Campervans, VW Cabriolet Beetles & Hard-Top Beetles in a variety of colours including, Red, Turquoise, White & Cream.

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