Is vintage wedding car hire risky?

We understand some concerns around hiring a vintage car, as some people may think they are less reliable than a modern car. This is a bit of a myth. The cars are very well maintained, even some the older cars that are exempt from MOT tests, are still taken through the test for their owners piece of mind. Furthermore, vintage cars have much less technology, so far less things for faults to occur on.

Each car has a set mileage range, which means we won’t quote you a price if your wedding falls out of a specific cars range from its base. This ensures the classic and vintage cars are not ‘overworked’ before they reach you.

For your piece of mind, we have strong terms and conditions to protect you in case a problem develops with the car you have booked. The owner is required to contact you and offer an alternative or a refund if the car becomes unavailable prior to the day. We will also work hard to find an alternative car if the worst happens.