How many passengers can the wedding cars seat?

Each car will have its own specific seating capacity, this can be seen in a number of different places within ‘the wedding car hire people’ website and email communication. Where a car is displayed, whether it is on a wedding car list page, an individual wedding car detail page or on the wedding car quotation page, the maximum capacity is displayed along side it.  It is also dismayed on the email quotation and booking confirmation. The maximum capacity always excludes the driver, so as an example, if the maximum capacity is displayed as 7, then the actual maximum capacity is 7 passengers plus the driver.

The maximum capacity stated is the maximum capacity, plus the driver, that the car can legally hold.  Please do not ask a driver to carry more than the stated capacity as refusal often offends, you would be asking him/her to break the law and if there was an accident they wouldn’t be insured.

Please bear in mind that your bridal party / groomsmen will be all different shapes and sizes and although the maximum capacity shown is the legal capacity, the actual capacity is dependant on the size of the people you are wanting to transport.  Height and legroom should also be considered.