Can we cancel our wedding car booking?

Can we cancel our wedding car booking?

The cancellation of the wedding car service should always be the last resort. Where possible, the booking should be postponed to an alternative date, subject to the terms and conditions of the contract, this will be be done FREE of charge in the first instance, subsequent date changes may be subject to a £25 administration fee. Moving the booking to a new date means you won’t lose the deposit and the supplier won’t lose the booking. Where there is a breakdown in the relationship, and the wedding is no longer going ahead, then the standard terms of the contract apply.

When you book through The Wedding Car Hire People, both you and the wedding car owner agree to the terms & conditions, including the cancellation (& privacy policy). The terms and in force to protect you and the wedding car operator. Each term category and term is explained clearly to avoid any misunderstanding or ambiguity. None more so than the cancellation policy.

In summary, the deposit is always non-refundable. The deposit is only 25% of the total booking value, by retaining this amount, the supplier is covering some of their costs associated with your booking, including administration, marketing and holding the date. Furthermore, if you cancel your booking the supplier has less opportunity to fill that date, so the level of compensation you are required to pay the supplier is dependant on how much notice you give.

The terms of the contract are fair for both parties and are inline with current guidance from the CMA (Competitions & Markets Authority).

You can read full cancellation policy be clicking here and reading section 8.

The only exception to this is when the contract becomes “frustrated” and the terms & conditions are superseded. A frustrated contract is a contract that, subsequent to its formation, and without fault of either party, is incapable of being performed due to an unforeseen event (or events), resulting in the obligations under the contract being radically different from those contemplated by the parties to the contract. A topical example of this is when a wedding legally cannot go ahead due to a national or local government policy. Under these circumstances, the supplier would be legally obliged to return any monies paid, minus any reasonable costs. In most circumstances the reasonable costs retained would amount to at least the deposit value, but will be more depending on how close the wedding is and more more cost the supplier has incurred. However, if a wedding is legally allowed to go ahead, regardless of if there are social distancing restrictions, then the wedding car owner is legally allowed to provide their service, so the contract is not “frustrated”.

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