Can I postpone my wedding car booking?

Can I postpone my wedding car booking?

In short, Yes! We understand that the decision to postpone will not have been taken lightly, so we have designed the ‘Postponement clause’ of the terms and conditions to be as flexible as possible, whilst also protecting the supplier from financial loss. If your wedding needs to be postponed you will be able to move your wedding car booking to the new date, free of administration charge (in the first instance), but subject to availability and the conditions below. It is important that you check availability (with all of your wedding suppliers) before confirming a new date with your venue to avoid disappointment.

The Postponement Clause

If your wedding has been postponed and you need to change the date of the booking, due to any of the reasons listed from (a) to (d) in this clause, your car supplier will allow you to transfer the booking to an alternative date, provided the new event date is within 540 days (18 months) before or after the original date, subject to availability of the specific car(s).  If the new event date falls outside of this time frame, then clause 8.3 will come in to affect.  The original payment schedule must be adhered to, if the hirer fails to adhere to the original payment terms then clause 8.3 will come in to effect.  If there is a price increase due to either a change of vehicle or date (the pricing structure may have seasonal variations), then the hirer must pay the the additional cost at the point of the change.

a) The venue cancels the booking.

b) A change to government or local council policy which prevents the event from taking place on the original booking date.

c) The Bride and/or Groom, or immediate family member falls critically ill or dies.

d) Unavoidable catastrophes that interrupt the expected course of events (Force Majeure), this includes, but not limited to extreme weather, terrorist attacks, a pandemic (as confirmed by The World Health Organisation).

The terms of the contract are fair for both parties and are inline with current guidance from the CMA (Competitions & Markets Authority).

You can read full cancelation policy be clicking here and reading section 8.