What type of wedding car do you recommend?

Every wedding is different and so each of your requirements will be different.  We a broad range of wedding cars available to hire from our website, we think we have catered for everyone, subject to availability, hopefully you will find something thats perfect for you.  […]

Do you offer a back-up wedding car service?

One of the most frequently asked questions is “is there a back up car if the car becomes unavailable for any reason’.  We understand your concerns regarding this point. The cars are maintained to high serviceable standards and it is highly unlikely that it will […]

Can we eat, drink and smoke in the wedding car?

No smoking is permitted in any of the wedding cars, this applies to tobacco related products and vapes. Smoking will cause damage to the cars.  The customer takes full responsibility for their whole wedding party,  if you or your wedding party smoke you will be […]

How many passengers can the wedding cars seat?

Each car will have its own specific seating capacity, this can be seen in a number of different places within ‘the wedding car hire people’ website and email communication. Where a car is displayed, whether it is on a wedding car list page, an individual […]

Can we view the wedding cars before booking?

We have taken care to provide high quality photos & videos, detailed descriptions and presented recent customer reviews for all cars available for hire on ‘the wedding car hire people’ website.  The wedding car ratings and reviews and your best guide as to the quality […]

Do you provide free Champagne as part of the wedding car service?

Unfortunately, we, nor our drivers are licence to sell or dispense alcohol and as such providing alcohol would be against licensing laws, even when offered as complimentary or free.  That said, if you bring a bottle, your chauffeur will be more than happy to serve […]

How will the wedding cars be decorated?

Unless otherwise stated, the cars will be decorated with ivory ribbon and bows as standard.  Other colours may be available upon request, but this should be discussed with the driver during the pre-wedding communication.  Some wedding vehicles may have additional decoration for example flowers on the […]

Are the wedding cars displayed the actual cars that will turn up?

Yes.  All wedding cars displayed on ‘The Wedding Car Hire People’ website are of the actual cars that are available to hire from us. We take care to ensure that all photos, videos, descriptions and customer reviews are as accurate as possible. The car you […]

Will umbrellas be provided in the wedding cars?

Yes.  All wedding cars will come with at least one umbrella available for customer use.  You should check the weather forecast for your wedding day and if you feel further umbrellas would be required please request this to be to be provided directly with the […]

How are the wedding cars maintained?

All cars available for hire through ‘The Wedding Car hire People’ website are maintained to high serviceability standards. Specifically, they have underdone the statutory annual MOT test, unless the vehicle is less than 3 years old or over 40 years old which are exempt under […]

Do all wedding cars have the necessary insurance?

Yes. All wedding cars available for hire through ‘The Wedding Car Hire People’ Website will have all the necessary insurance in place to provide a wedding car hire service.  This is included in the price quoted.  To be sufficiently covered,  all transport that provides a […]