Wedding Car Hire Timeline

Wedding hire car timeline

by The Wedding Car Hire People


12 to 18 Months to the Wedding

Venue Booked

Congratulations!! You’ve picked the date and booked your venue, now things can really get started.  Every wedding is unique, there will be no other wedding like yours so you need to think about what transport requirements you have.

Approx 12 Months to the Wedding

Get Your Quotes

Get some quotes from you local wedding car providers.  Price is obviously important, everybody has a budget, but theres more to consider. 

Only you can decide what’s important to you!

Approx 10 Months to the Wedding

Book Your Transport

Depending on the type of car you’re going to book, depends on how soon you should book.  The industry average is 10 months, however, if you want something unique and possibly rare then you should book asap, its never too early to book the car of your dreams.

Saying that, if you just need something to get you from A to B, and you’re not too fussed about photo opportunities, then leaving it until the last few months could gain you some welcome discounts.

Approx 9.5 Months to the Wedding

Pay A Deposit

Every company you deal with during your wedding planning will have a different way of working and different payment schedules.  These schedules will be non negotiable, but they should be very clear in the suppliers terms and conditions.  Usually, you would be required to pay a non-refundable deposit with the balance due shortly prior to the wedding.

Before you pay any money to any supplier you should fully understand what the service they are going to provide, this maybe in the form of a written contract or you agreeing to the standard terms and conditions of the supplier, which should be laid out in a clear, easy to read and easy to understand.  Any points should be clarified in writing before payment.  

30 to 60 Days to the Wedding

Pay Your Balance

Around this time your balance will be due. But, it’s also a good point in time to check in with your supplier, ensure things are on track and let them know if your plans have changed.


1 Week to the Wedding

Final Preperations

Failing to plan is planning to fail. No matter how experienced or how many 5 Star ratings your supplier has on the most important day of your life, you’re relying on other people and machines and in the unlikely event that something goes wrong you need a plan B. The supplier we be limited in their ability to provide an alternative vehicle in a timely manner, time is of the essence and you’ll need help pronto. You need a guardian angel in case the worst happens and the car fails, whether it be a friend, neighbour, groomsmen or whoever, someone needs to be 10 seconds away from jumping in their car and taking you to the venue.

tips & Advice

What do you need...?

How is the groom getting to the ceremony?
How many bridesmaids will I need to transport?
Will I need to transport children?
What type of car of car will suit my theme?

Decide What's Important...

Good Reputation 89%
Very Responsive 61%
Competitive Pricing 71%
Your Perfect Car 100%

Must Haves...

  • Make sure the supplier completely understands your requirements and this is agreed in writing.
  • Make sure the cost is agreed for the above requirements and that you understand the cost implications of amending the itinerary at a later date.
  • Make sure you understand the suppliers refund and cancellation policy

Keep your money safe...

  • If paying by cash, ensure the money changes hand on the company premises and you receive a written proof of purchase.
  • Never pay by 'Friends & Family' if paying for goods or services, if you do, your money is not protected.
  • Only pay via a bank transfer if you are 100% confident that the supplier is reputable.
  • Using a credit card through a secure web portal is usually the safest option.

  • There are many ways to check an individual trader or company reputation...
    1) Quality website & general online presence
    2) Trading from a registered address
    3) High quality Ratings & Reviews
    4) Secure payment options
    5) Professional responses

Have You Checked...

  • If the supplier have the correct itinerary?
  • If they have the contact numbers for the wedding day?
  • If the cars have the correct number of seats required
  • What the policy is on carry children in the car?
  • If the car come with umbrellas?
  • What is the drivers name and contact details are ?

Paul Scott