Multiple Cars or Multiple Trips

Will my wedding car driver take multiple trips?

Hands up who has a huge wedding party for their big day! Perhaps you have a massive family, or maybe you’d like lots of bridesmaids by your side when you tie the knot.

Either way, we reckon you’ve already pondered the answer to this question: ‘Will my wedding car driver take multiple trips?’ Or even: ‘Do I need more than one wedding car?’

The answer is: the choice is all yours – and here at The Wedding Car Hire People, we’ll aim to ensure the day runs smoothly, whatever you decide. You may opt to hire more than one wedding car, or you may choose to have one car to take more than one journey – either is fine; as we’ve said, it’s totally up to you.

Usually, up to two trips to the church (from one pick-up location) are included in your quoted price. This is all depending on the distance you are from your church and venue, but most brides and grooms will find that one car is enough.

To help you better understand how it’ll all work on the day though, we’ve compiled this handy article to ensure you can put your mind at rest ahead of your wedding.

Multiple Car Hire

Before your wedding, we realise there’s a lot to think about. So, why not allow us to ease the pressure with one of the key items on your checklist: your wedding car?

We’d like you to understand the itinerary we follow on your big day, so you can get the most out of our services. If yours is a big family, we offer multiple car hire packages right here on our wedding car hire website, which means everyone from your Auntie to your Great Grandmother can be taken to the church in style.

We’ll always advise you on the best option for you, whether that’s one car taking multiple journeys, or a fleet of cars to make an even bigger statement at your wedding. You’ll find that our experts will always be honest if we think something isn’t achievable, as it’s our business to ensure your day goes without a hitch.

Is your ceremony venue over 10 minutes’ drive away from where you’ll be staying? A second car is always an option, since a round trip of 20 minutes can add up if there are a couple of separate journeys to be made.

So, why would you opt for multiple wedding car hire? You may wish to travel in a different vehicle to your bridesmaids or family – after all, it’s all about you and making the best entrance possible! A modern second car like an executive Mercedes, for example, might be a good option for the bridesmaids. These are cheaper than, say, one of our vintage cars, but still offer the wow factor when they pull up to the church or registry office.

You may decide that you’d like your bridesmaids to travel to and from church in a matching car – and that’s no problem, too. We have a range of matching bridal/bridesmaid cars to choose from, too. Browse our website to your heart’s content and pick out your favourite vehicle; from huge, American-style convertibles, to British-made classics, you’ll find something that perfectly complements you and your wedding.

Of course, there’s added peace of mind for you when hiring a second car, that in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, you’ll have a backup with you immediately. Of course, it’s rare that anything of this kind happens, but it doesn’t hurt to be extra safe!

The best bit about multiple cars? They make for some gorgeous wedding photos, particularly when they’re all lined up outside your wedding venue.

One Car, Multiple Trips

So, we’ve discussed multiple wedding cars; what about the option of just one wedding car? Most people opt for one car, since many brides and grooms don’t require their wedding car to make too many trips.

Be aware that if you do choose one car, additional trips will mean a small charge to cover your driver’s time and fuel costs. For instance, the car could collect the groom first, with the additional charge as low as £50. For optimum peace of mind, smaller journeys mean less time to experience any incidents, such as traffic or roadworks, so if you feel you’d prefer a little extra reassurance, this is where a second wedding car can help to ease any stress.

That said, one wedding car can bring a certain uniformity to your wedding – if that’s what you’d like. Again, it’s all about personal taste, and we’re ready and waiting to tell you everything you’d like to know about our cars, our drivers and the service you’ll experience from us. Before we go, we want to share some top tips for wedding car hire:

Some Top Tips:

Brief Your Photographer

Make sure your photographer is on hand to capture everyone getting in and out of the wedding cars, including yourself, the groom, and the bridesmaids – you won’t want him or her to miss a thing, after all! Brief your photographer ahead of the day, so they know exactly what to capture and when.

Consider a Selfie Stick

Sure, your photographer will capture the big moments, but why not ask your Dad or bridesmaids to pack a selfie stick for a quick candid snap before you turn up to the church?

Enjoy It!

Once you step inside your wedding car, all the stresses and strains you’ve felt in the lead up to your big day should all disappear. You’re bound to feel a little nervous, but it’s at this point that the excitement will kick in and the reality of your wedding day will finally be here. Enjoy the moment – and your final, fun journey as a single woman or man! We promise the journey to and from your wedding venue will be the best car journey you’ll ever take.

Want to chat to our friendly advisors? Simply get in touch on 0800 955 0115 and we’d be happy to talk you through your options in more detail.