Surprising the Groom with a Wedding Car: Why It’ll Make His Day

Contrary to popular belief, the wedding day isn’t just about the bride! Okay, well there are few things more exciting than watching a bride – resplendent in her wedding gown – gliding down the aisle. But it’s really about two people’s love for one another, so why not splash out for your other half and give him the surprise of his life with a cool wedding car that’ll make his day? After all, he’s probably sat through numerous get-togethers with you and your bridesmaids, helping you pick out all manner of wedding trinkets and treasures. On top of that, he may have given in to your every whim – and why wouldn’t he? He loves you!

So, show him just how much you care, too, by ensuring his last journey as a single man is the best it can be. While you may be planning to show up to the church or your wedding ceremony venue in true style, in a wedding car of your choice, your groom might instead be planning to get a taxi, or even drive himself and his groomsmen there.

But why not pull out all the stops and hire a second car just for him – and his loyal and trusted groomsmen? Here’s why he’ll love it…

You Can Pick the Car of His Dreams

Not all men are car buffs, but most love the thrill of sitting inside a beautiful vehicle – and almost every man has a ‘dream car’ in mind. Think about the car they’d splash out on if they’d won the Lotto – and then consider hiring it for a few hours. After all, even a taster experience in a car like that could be enough!

You Won’t Have to Think of a Wedding Gift

There are plenty of models to choose from, too – including vintage classics, modern executive cars; even quirky vehicles like VW Camper Vans. If you think he’ll like it, go for it! It saves you having to wonder what to get him as a wedding present anyway.

You can hire a wedding car for the groom directly from this page of our site. Simply fill in a few basic details and you’ll receive an instant quote, customised to your unique wedding day celebrations. You won’t be short of choice via our website, either. We offer a wide range of classic and modern luxury groom wedding cars. Choose from Rolls-Royces, Aston Martins, Ferraris, Bentleys, Porsches (and many more!) and allow them to live out their dream of sitting in a super car or sports car.

It Saves Them Booking a Taxi

While most grooms will drive themselves to the venue – or book a taxi – you can’t really rely on either. What happens if the car breaks down on the way? Or what will they do if the taxi fails to show up?

You can rest assured that we have years of experience collecting grooms and taking them to their wedding ceremony – and if in the unlikely event that one of our cars breaks down, we’ll send another. Typically, groom wedding car bookings would only requite that you hire the car for an hour or so, which means they’d normally work out cheaper than your own wedding car hire. On a budget? We can even arrange for the bridal car to pick up the groom for £50 on top of your quoted wedding car hire price.

You’ll Earn Unlimited Brownie Points

Want to earn some sure-fire ‘wife points’? This will do it – not that you’ll need to win him over once he sees you in that dress! But if you’d just like to give him another huge surprise, this is a great way to do so. He won’t be expecting a fancy car to turn up on his big day, so just think how thrilled he’ll be when a super car shows up on his doorstep.

His Groomsmen Will Love it, Too

Not only will you be in his good books forever, but you’ll never be able to do wrong in his mates’ eyes either – not when they feast their peepers on the super car you’ve booked! A great way for your guy to enjoy some pre-wedding bonding time with his best man and groomsmen, a groom’s wedding car will probably be some of the best money you’ve ever spent!

It’ll Make for Even More Fab Pictures

He’ll love posing in front of his wedding car with his pals, snapping selfies and generally making out that he’s James Bond for the day. You really will have fun picking out a car, too, with lots to choose from and all at different price points.

Since you’ll be having lots of fun taking photos with your bridesmaids, he’ll enjoy the experience of getting snap happy in his very own wedding car hire, too. Groom’s cars are available for around an hour – and for one pick-up or more – so there will be plenty of time to pose for pictures and generally enjoy the time in the vehicle.

It’ll Perfectly Tie in With Your Theme

Going for a retro theme? Or maybe you’re going all-out with an alternative wedding that’ll make for some great photos. Whatever you’ve opted for, your choice of groom’s car is another way to embrace your wedding theme. From classic American cars, to novelty vehicles, you can have lots of fun picking out a car for the love of your life. Not sure what to pick? Why not let the groomsmen in on the secret? They can help you decide on the best car for your other half, since they may even have more idea of his dream vehicle.

Want some more help deciding? Give our friendly team a call, who will be more than happy to talk you through your options and help you select the right car for you – and him! Ensure your wedding morning starts in style with a car that’ll suit you both. The Wedding Car Hire People can help, so get in touch!